MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow - mongze
MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow - mongze
MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow - mongze
MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow - mongze

MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow

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  • High-density memory foam that cradles the weight of your leg.
  • Relieve tiredness and heaviness in your legs while decompressing your lower back.
  • Ideal for individuals who spend long hours standing at work or sitting down.
  • Compact size

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Relax Leg Pillow

Do your legs feel tired and heavy? Rest and Sleep with MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow.

Best for those who

Stand all day at work

Spend long hours sitting down

High-density memory foam cradles
the weight of your legs, so you'll feel refreshed and stress-free after use.

Over 18,000 Reviews MONGZE Mattress


My baby sweat a lot while sleeping, but she just loves laying around MONGZE mattress. I noticed that she is able to nap longer now.

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I’m not stressed when my dog pees or drools in bed because I can easily take the contaminated part out and clean my mattress at home!

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If you are skeptical about MONGZE, trust me and just pull the trigger, especially if you struggle with back pain!!!!

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I thought I needed to write a review so people struggling with back pain can save their lower back as soon as possible!

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We’ve tried so many cooling products, but they were of no use. Now we have no problem falling asleep at night in this heat. We sleep cool throughout the night

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Ease Your
Tired and Heavy Legs

Your body is not fully relaxed
when your legs are tired

When fatigue builds up in your legs, it can cause discomfort, stiffness, and swelling, affecting your overall well-being.

Your leg muscles play a vital role in blood circulation, so it's important to make sure
they don't get fatigued.

The MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow is the perfect solution, providing the support your legs need to reduce fatigue.


Decompress Your
Lower Back

Propping up your legs with a pillow can help distribute the load on your back, providing relief and increased comfort.

It is highly recommended for individuals to keep legs elevated if you experience back discomfort while lying down. The pillow's height offers optimal support without being excessively high.

Whether you're pregnant or simply struggling to lie upright, MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow has you covered.

Fold the leg pillow and place it in between your legs to experience ultimate support and comfort.

MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow also prevents your pelvis from tilting, making it perfect for side sleepers.


Two Different Heights
for Different Uses

MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow can be used unfolded, for both legs to be propped up.

For more tired days, fold the pillow and use
it at a higher height.

MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow has velcro to secure it in place when folded. It keeps
your legs steady and ensures a comfortable sleep experience.

No More Storage Sacrifice!

MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow is compact
and easy to store.


Firm Support from
Memory Foam

High-density memory foam offers firm support for your legs. With a cozy embrace, it allows complete rest and rejuvenation.

Tested Radon Free.
Use with confidence.

The MONGZE Relax Leg Pillow has been tested radon free, so you don't have to worry about harmful substances.


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My sweaty baby sleeps so well on MONGZE,
it makes my life easier

My baby used to sweat a lot while sleeping, so I used to have a hard time sleeping with her with blankets. When I saw MONGZE’s promotion I ordered it right away. This mattress is SO cool and comfortable~ I put the cover on and lay down on it as soon as I put them together and I felt like a fool that I didn’t buy it sooner! My baby just loves laying around the mattress. It's been 2 weeks and I noticed that she is able to nap longer. Also, the number of times she wakes me up during the night has significantly reduced. My body used to feel dazed and sore in the morning, but I feel a lot better waking up on MONGZE in the morning now~ I get a great refreshed sleep every night!! It’s great that this mattress can be separated into three parts, so it’s easy to clean. This material, Airnet, has great breathability so make it even more easy to clean! I have no worries about spilling something now^^ My first born kid also wants this, so I’m buying it for him when he’s moving out. I think my parents would love this too! Although it’s not on the cheap side, it definitely is worth the money.

first time mom with a year old baby that sweats a lot

I’m not afraid of my dog ruining my bed anymore!

I changed my mattress FIVE times recently. I’m a light sleeper, so I thought an expensive mattress would be good. However, my body didn’t like it. I’ve been sleeping so well with MONGZE. It seriously saved my lower back because it supports my lower back throughout the night without sagging. I tend to move around a lot in my sleep, so I’m both side sleepers and stomach sleeper. It's very comfortable in any position I take! Also, I think a lot of men would agree with me on this, it gets super comfortable if you sweat a lot in your sleep. However, MONGZE’s amazing breathability allows me sleep cool throughout the night!!! It feels so refreshing waking up on MONGZE. MONGZE is a must-have item for dog lovers. I have a puppy, I really liked the fact that it can easily be cleaned at home. I’m not stressed when my dog pees or drools in bed because I can easily take the contaminated part out and clean my mattress at home! It’s so nice that I can thoroughly clean my mattress with WATER and it even dries within a day!! To be honest, the price is not that high compared to the expensive mattresses I've used. My families are amazed that I found THE mattress as they know I am a light sleeper.

Dad of a Golden Retriever that loves to bother her dad on his bed

Thank you MONGZE for saving my husband’s back!

I read every single reviews before purchasing MONGZE as it’s quite expensive. I made a decision to count on reviews that said MONGZE saved their lower back because my husband has a herniated disk in the lower back. He used to wake up in pain in a regular mattress every morning. However, he instantly felt better in the morning the first night he slept on MONGZE. He woke up refreshed, he said. You don’t need a mattress that costs you millions of dollars. You don’t need a massage chair that costs you a ton of money. The firmness is just perfect. Your body won’t sink and it can truly save your back as other people say on reviews. MONGZE is different than those cheap mattresses in the market. If you are skeptical about MONGZE, trust me and just pull the trigger, especially if you struggle with back pain!!!! Absolutely hands down the best mattress I’ve ever tried, I highly recommend it. I’m buying it for my kids too!

Wife in her 50s who feels sorry for her husband who went through a herniated disk surgery

It was MONGZE that taught me how important a mattress can be to my back health

I usually don’t write reviews and stuff, but I thought I needed to write a review for this one so people struggling with back pain can save their lower back as soon as possible!!! As time goes by, I started to notice that my lower back hurts in the morning. It gets worse when you sit for eight hours every day at work, right? At first, I thought it was because I have bad posture. I went through so many office chairs, shoes, and massagers hoping that my back pain would go away. I researched A LOT to make the pain go away, and that’s when I realized my mattress might be the problem. I used to have a hard time waking up in the morning as I couldn’t sleep deep enough on my old sagging mattress. I decided that my old mattress needed to be replaced and that’s when I found MONGZE. Seriously, it SAVED my lower back. Believe it or not, it’s a real back saver. You might think that mattresses are all the same. I was one of those people too. But when I saw reviews, I wanted to believe the reviews because I really needed my back pain to go away. If you are still skeptical about it, sleep on it for a few days. But please think as an investment for your lower back!! You’d be so impressed. Even the packaging had this luxurious vibe. The quality of the cover that came with is real nice and soft. After you put them together, you’d see how study and firm it is. I initially thought it might be too firm, but once you sleep on it, you’d know it’s the perfect firmness for optimal back comfort. My lower back is well supported throughout the night unlike other mattresses. I was surprised how easy it was to wake up the next morning!! If you don’t want your back to sink into your sagging mattress, you really should experience MONGZE for yourself. It's been over 2 weeks since I started sleeping with MONGZE, and I don’t think I can ever go back to sleeping on other mattress.I hope you found my review helpful, especially for those who struggle with back pain. Thanks Monze!

hard-working man in his 40s that works overtime all the time realizes his age with the back pain

Believe it or not, you will sleep cool throughout the night on MONGZE

I was recommended MONGZE when I was looking for a mattress brand to replace my old mattress. I read reviews saying how amazing MONGZE was, but I was skeptical because I know there is this type of advertisement out there trying to scam people into buying stuff on a daily basis. However, I decided to try out MONGZE as it says it offers great breathability. My family suffers so much from heat in the summer; we all have serious night sweats! We’ve tried so many cooling products, such as cooling pad and cooling blanket, but they were of no use. When the MONGZE package was delivered at my door, I could not wait to find out whether or not the review was real, so I immediately put them together. And it turned out to be REAL. First I was sleeping on the mattress without its cover, but I got up and put the cover on in the middle of the night because I felt COLD sleeping on the mattress. (It was back in May) Now it’s mid June, we have no problem falling asleep at night in this heat. We sleep cool throughout the night. MONGZE pillow is amazing as well since it’s height-adjustable and breathable like the mattress. My daughter keeps stealing my pillow! It’s THAT good. I need to buy more pillows for myself before it gets hotter. I highly, highly recommend for those who sweat a lot during the night and want to sleep cool! Thank you MONGZE ~♡♡

mom of an adolescent child who is heat sensitive

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