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Is your dog clumsily glides around like an ice skater or flop onto the hard floor at home?

These small slips and flops can pose serious risks, especially for senior dogs or those with orthopedic conditions such as arthritis or patella luxation.

MONGZE introduces
a pet bed made
with high-quality
AIRNET™ material

AIRNET™ is highly responsive and resilient
material, delivering robust support to your
pet’s joints.

Take proactive steps to provide joint support
with MONGZE Airnet™ Pet Bed.

Your fur baby will not only experience physical
comfort but also enjoys a designated space
that contributes to their emotional well-being.

MONGZE brings a happier and healthier life to your fur kids.

Discover the Benefits :
What makes MONGZE


MONGZE’s AIRNET™ Pet Bed makes
the perfect orthopedic bed for all life stages.


Superior Joint Support

MONGZE’s AIRNET™ is resilient and highly
responsive material, delivering robust
support to your pet.

Our bed is made with highly responsive human-grade AIRNET™ to relieve
pressure points and achy joints.

Its exceptional support makes our bed
perfect for senior dogs, small dogs
dealing with orthopedic conditions such as
patella luxation and post-surgery care.


Open Entrance Design

With an open entrance design and a low
height of 5cm, our bed ensures a seamless
and joint-friendly experience as your pet
moves up and down.

Crafted for the well-being of your older or
small pets dealing with patella luxation or
arthritis, it provides a gentle entry without
adding stress to their joints.


Advanced Bolster Support

Our raised 3-sided bolsters are soft and plush, giving your dog a place to rest their heads.

This design provides extra support,
 so even small pets can comfortably rest against.

Every precious paw deserves to feel
safe and secured.

Easy Maintenance

Our AIRNET™ material features an
interwoven design.
This design not only ensures
exceptional breathability
but also offers easy maintenance.


It makes keeping the bed fresh
and clean a hassle-free task
– All you need is a simple shower!

AIRNET™ material adds strength
and durability to the structure,
allowing it to stay in shape
even with frequent cleaning.

Its quick-drying ability as an added bonus contributes to a more sanitary environment
for your fur baby.


Our bed covers are fully removable
and 100% machine washable.

Create a more hygienic sleeping space
for your precious fur baby
with MONGZE Airnet™ Pet Bed


Even for pets with a digging habit,
our bed is build to last.


High-Performance Durable Cover

MONGZE Airnet™ Pet Bed is scratch resistant.

Our covers passed the Abrasion Resistance Test (Martindale Method).

We know accidents happen,
that’s why our covers are equipped
with a water-resistant treatment
for extra safety.



Crafted in a contemporary beige hue,
our bed looks right at home with any decor.


Comfort in Style

Pet bed have a huge impact
on your home aesthetic.
Our bed will fit in seamlessly to
your home’s interior
whilst giving your pet the ultimate resting
to call their own.

Crafted in a contemporary beige hue,
it effortlessly enhances the aesthetics of
any Singapawrean interior.


Non-slip Bottom

Non-slip bottom is a must for dogs,
providing stability and preventing any
unintended slipping or sliding during
their energetic moments.


With playful pets leaping around the
house – non-slip bottom is a must.

The bottom surface of our bed is meticulously
designed with a diamond pattern, providing
superior grip and stability.


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