I can certify its lower
back saving quality

I can proudly say that MONGZE has saved
my lower back and my quality of life. 

I can proudly say that MONGZE has saved my lower back and
my quality of life.

*This is a real MONGZE mattress review by Korean medicine doctor.

I am a working mom practicing acupuncture during the day and a full-time mom in the evening. Bending over to see patients and carrying my child often took a toll on my back, urging me to search for a good bed for good sleep.

I first heard about MONGZE from a local mom’s community where the brand had a good reputation for cool sleep amongst the local moms. The moms showed high credit for how MONGZE’s DEEP SLEEP Mattress genuinely helped saved their lower backs. So after numerous recommendations, I decided to try out the brand myself.

To my surprise, after sleeping with MONGZE,
everything changed for me

To my surprise,
after sleeping with MONGZE, everything changed for me

Firstly, despite being a sensitive sleeper, the utmost alarming change was that I no longer woke up during the night feeling anguish but could sleep cool and have a genuine good night’s sleep!

Unlike other mattresses, MONGZE comprises a unique 3D mesh material called AIRNET™. The structure of the material naturally circulates air, and the cover is highly breathable allowing heat to dissipate and keep the mattress in a cool state.

Even my husband, who is a hot sleeper, told me that he woke up with such restful sleep and couldn’t remember the last time the could sleep cool!

Secondly, as any mom could relate, moms get very particular with what they buy. Particularly when their child is still a baby or very young. However, knowing MONGZE is certified for newborns and knowing my baby can sleep on safe material with no harmful chemicals or allergens really reassured me.

It’s also REALLY easy to clean! I no longer have to worry or stress about my baby drooling or spilling food on top. Also, the fact that it stays firm no matter how often I wash it makes me admire MONGZE all over again.

Finally, MONGZE has become my No.1 gift item for close friends and family.

I can certify its lower back saving quality. I get great feedback from the people who receive it and feel a sense of pride and confidence that I’ve given a good gift.

Overall, I am genuinely happier. The improvement to my lower back pain, fatigue, and condition overall has positively impacted our family. 

Honestly, I regret that I’ve been neglecting my own health because I was so concerned about improving other people’s health. But now, I’m truly relieved that I’ve found my good cool sleep and the refreshing morning I needed!

Thank you MONGZE, for saving my lower
back and improving our quality of life at home.

Korean medicine doctor and mom of a 1-year-old,
Woo SunHui (우선휘) 

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