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  • Stretching Massager + Cherry Pit Heating Pack

Elevate your stretching massage with gentle stomach warmth to promote better blood circulation and metabolism.

  • EMF-FREE heating pack made with 100% natural cherry pit
  • Position the heating pack on the area where you require gentle warmth, such as stomach, neck, shoulders, back, and other areas as needed.
  • Suitable for both warm and cold compresses
  • Microwave-safe

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Experience Gentle Warmth
to Counter Aircon-Flu with

※ EMF : Electromagnetic Field

Klug Cherry Pit
Heating Pack 

클럭 체리씨 찜질

Have you ever woken up feeling chilly after leaving the a/c on all night?

Even in Summer, Koreans Sleep with a Heating Pack to Prevent Aircon-Flu.

Sleeping with Klug Cherry Pit Heating Pack on your stomach helps you relax, sleep deep, and wake up refreshed.

Gut Health,
Key to Immunity!

Your Immunity Gets a Magical Boost
with Just a 1℃ Rise in Gut Temperature.

Did you know that about 70% of
immune cells reside in the gut?

Klug heating pack helps warm the gut,
promoting better blood circulation and
metabolism, resulting in improved immunity
through gentle warmth.

Ready in Just 3 Minutes
with a Microwave!

Whether at home, the office, or
during travels, it’s convenient to carry
for on-the-go use.

※ Given the different microwave power levels, please refer to the details below or the user manual for specific usage instructions.


Trusted By Discerning Korean Customers


Auto-stretch to fix my rounded shoulder

I needed something I could do on a daily basis at home to fix my rounded shoulder. Klug’s auto-stretch is great for me and my husband’s back pain.

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Great for my neck disk and scoliosis

Klug corrects my unbalanced body from poor posture by stretching every inch of my spine. I just ease my body and let Klug stretch my body for me!

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Perfect massage chair alternative for small space

I needed something that could relieve back pain from sitting all day at work. It’s like a foldable massage chair that stretches every inch of my spine.

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Purchased for my middle school daughter’s scoliosis

She was recommended to stretch regularly on a daily basis and Klug is the perfect solution. It auto-stretches and twists from the pelvis to the neck. 

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No more physiotherapy sessions

My husband used to go see a physiotherapist for lower back pain. He hasn’t gone to the session ever since he started using Klug twice a day!

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Cherry Pit
Heating Pack

Soothes your body, enhancing circulation
against the A/C chill

and relieves the discomfort of
heavy and painful menstrual days

Crew’s Tip

Double Your Satisfaction
with Klug Stretching Massager!!

Ease your stiff neck and shoulders
from stress.
Fold, relax, and drift into a deep sleep

What Makes
Klug Cherry Pit
Heating Pack Special?


Warm Compresses

Made with 100% natural Cherry Pit.
Klug Cherry Pit Heating Pack is free
from electromagnetic radiation.


Steam Therapy-like
with Natural
Moisture from Cherry Pits

While conventional electric heating pads dry skin,
Klug Cherry Pit Heating Pack releases natural
moisture from cherry pits
for steam-therapy-like experience.


Lasting Gentle Warmth
From Large and
Firm Cherry Pits

Unlike smaller and fragile seeds,
cherry pits are larger and firmer,
allowing them to retain heat for longer


100% Pure Cotton Cover

All layers are free from fluorescent
whitening agents. This material choice makes
Klug Cherry Pit Heating Pack
reusable and machine-washable. 



Made with firm cherry pits as the filling,
There is no need to worry about grinding or
wear & tear Enjoy long-lasting durability
without concerns of wear & tear.

Crew’s Tip

Opt for a cherry pit
cold compress for soothing relief
from pain instead of using ice.

Unlike ice, cherry pits provide
a gentle cooling experience at 5-7℃,
with no risk of frostbite or dripping water.

Size Check

Recommended capacity size
of the microwave

  • Please check the internal capacity of the microwave before use.
  • Please fold the product in half and place it in the microwave.

If the inner capacity of the microwave is
smaller than the recommended size,
the product may not rotate
and could overheat.

This could cause damage
to either the product or the microwave

Cold compresses

After sealing the steamed pack in plastic or
a ziplock bag, store it in the refrigerator
for 2 to 3 hours or in the freezer for 30 minutes
before use

※ If left in the freezer for over 30 minutes,
the exterior may freeze, potentially damaging the product.

After use, please dry the product
in a well-ventilated and dry area.


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I simply lay down and get auto-stretch to fix my rounded shoulder.

I used to go see a physiotherapist for my rounded shoulders and back and pelvic pain from childcare and birth, but the pain relief was only temporary as I couldn’t go to the session more often as a full-time mom.

So I started looking for something I could do it on a daily basis at home. One of my acquaintances recommended me to stretch to relieve pain, that’s when I came across this Klug stretching massager. I ordered it immediately as I really wanted to do something with my pain all over my body! I tried it as soon as it got delivered.

As I lay down on it and easy my body, it automatically stretched my stiff body. It felt so good~~👍👍 My husband works in the office, so he has severe back pain from spending all day sitting at his desk. He also loves it *^^* It’s foldable, so it doesn’t sacrifice any space in our home, which is great~

Mom of a 4 years old who used to go see a physiotherapist for her rounded shoulders

Klug autocorrects my unbalanced body from a neck disk and scoliosis!

Trust me. It's great. This is my second purchase! I even have the famous massage chair, Bodyfriend. I thought Klug would’ve massaged my body like my massage chair, but what it does is completely different than the massage chair. I thought the massage chair would be better simply because it’s more expensive, but the price is not the factor to consider here…

First of all...It's impossible to maintain a good posture all the time. Klug is great because it corrects my unbalanced body from poor posture by stretching every inch of my spine. I have a neck disk, spondylolysis, scoliosis, and stenosis. My daughter and husband have back pain from sitting in a chair for a long time every day. Klug takes care of all my family's pain!

When my pain starts to happen, I just ease my body on Klug and let it stretch my body for me. Then the pain goes away. It's effective for pelvic pain from sitting for a long period of time at work. It’s not on the cheap side but it is worth the price. Please try it. My husband, who loves his massage chair, is also satisfied with Klug.

I highly recommend it.

Woman in her 40s suffering from a neck disk, scoliosis, and stenosis

Perfect massage chair alternative for small home

I originally wanted a massage chair, but it was too big for my place. As I was about to give up looking for a massage chair, I saw Klug online.

I purchased it right away as I desperately needed something that could relieve my neck, shoulder, and back pain from sitting at work all day.

I didn’t have any expectation because it looked kind of small in comparison to a massage chair, but it was surprisingly strong and stretch every inch of my spine.

I highly recommend Klug for those who don’t have enough space for a massage chair at home!

Man in his early 30s with neck/shoulder/back pain from sitting all day at work

Purchased for my middle school daughter’s scoliosis

Spine stretching is why bought Klug~~^^

My youngest is a middle schooler now, and she has a little scoliosis. She was recommended to stretch regularly on a daily basis, so I thought Klug would be perfect for her. She lays down on Klug and get her spine auto-stretched for 30 minutes every evening.

I like how it gently stretches and twists from the pelvis to the back and to the neck. My daughter said that she liked how it was straightening her back all the way.

I’m hopeful that Klug would be the step towards correcting her spine. I would say it’d be perfect for people who sit all day at work, students, and people with back pain.

Mom who is worried about her middle school daughter’s scoliosis

No more physiotherapy sessions now that we have Klug

I bought it for my husband who goes to see a physiotherapist for lower back pain. Shoulder and back pain physiotherapy could be burdensome as our health insurance doesn’t cover for the session.

My husband uses Klug twice a day and he hasn’t gone to the session since! I was worried it might be noisy for people who live below us, but it is very quiet.

When we, my husband. my son, I, get off work in the evening, we take turns and use Klug every day in the living room. Thanks to Klug, we have an excuse for family quality time now~

I was a little hesitant at first because I don't normally do online purchases, but now that I think about it, it was an excellent choice.

Woman in her 50s who was worried about her husband’s back pain

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